Cassandra: the database you can’t turn off

by Christopher Batey 

Thursday, 11 June 2015 13:30 @ Room 1

Apache Cassandra is a the database of choice for people who need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Cassandra’s replication achieves fault tolerance and zero down time on commodity hardware.

However developers need to get out of a relational mindset to achieve all of this, so in this talk we’ll cover:

* Overview of Cassandra including how it replicates to achieve zero downtime
* Core Cassandra use cases, with the aim to leave attendees with a good understanding of whether Cassandra is the right choice for their next project
* Interacting with Cassandra from Java with examples that use the raw driver and mapping APIs
* Introduction to more complicated topics such as light weight transactions, branches and load balancing

My goal is to have attendees gain an understanding of when Cassandra is the right fit and how it achieves scalability and tolerance to hardware failure all while showing how the modern drivers make it easy to use from Java.